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Tube Re Cutting Machine

Tube Re Cutting Machine

Working Specification LEW-202H LEW-202M LEW-202S
Applicable I.D of tube 25-200 mm 25-150 mm 12-60 mm
Applicable parent tube Length 1000 mm 600 mm 400 mm
Applicable wall thickness 1-15mm 1-9mm 1-3mm
Minimum Cut Price Length 60 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Main Drive Motor 2 HP 2 HP 1 HP
Score Cutting Knife 4 Pcs 4 Pcs 4 Pcs

Paper Tube Recuttere is operated pneumatically

Score Knife Cutting give a perfect and neat cut edge of desired short tube.

Paper tube recutter is provided for further cutting of long paper tube.

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