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Composite Can Making Machine

Composite Can Making Machine

The Composite Can Making Plant is suitable to make Composite Cans for packaging of detergents, liquor bottles, automobile components, engineering goods, laminated cans for packaging of potato wafers, fruit drink, etc. These composite cans are eco-friendly as they are easily disposable and recyclable. The can body maker is fitted with a folding and heat sealing equipment to heat seal inner aluminium foil layer for leak proof cans. The key feature of this production line is its high performance with low maintenance cost. The composite cans making machinery comes with other optional equipment for producing composite cans, which include labelling machine, can flanger and can seamer. The composite can production line facilitates easy interchangeability of toolings for various sizes of cans.


Output : 30,000 cans per day of 24 hours operation depending upon the sizes

Minimum inner diameter of the can : 25 mm

Maximum inner diameter of the can : 100 mm

Maximum height of the can : 525 mm

Maximum Wall thickness : 3 mm

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